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Let us help you make the best of a bad situation

Remtec remanufactured engines are remarkably affordable when compared to a new unit - at roughly half the price. And when purchasing a replacement engine from Remtec, the life and value of your vehicle will be extended, giving you a reliable, cost effective vehicle for many years to come.

Continue reading to learn more about why a Remtec Premium Engine is the ideal replacement engine for you.

What sets remanufactured engines apart from the rest?

Unlike reconditioned or rebuilt engines, remanufactured engines are rebuilt by technicians who are specifically certified by the manufacturer. Remanufactured engines are completely remanufactured from scratch with approved parts and machined back to the OE's (original manufacturer’s) specifications.

In other words, Remtec Remanufactured Engines are as good as new and rebuilt to OE specifications.

Beware of cheap alternatives

Remanufactured engines are usually more expensive than cheaper alternatives like reconditioned, refurbished and used runner engines. But like the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for".

Parts Warranty
Remanufactured All new approved parts1 100’000 km/12 month warranty
Reconditioned Only the damaged parts are replaced Limited (3 or sometimes 6 month) warranty
Used runner No idea of the condition of the parts Token "warranty" of only a few days or no warranty at all
Used No idea of the condition of the parts Token "warranty" of only a few days or no warranty at all

1 100% replacement parts for all our remanufactured engines: pistons and rings, main bearings, thrust bearing, big end bearings, head gasket, top gasket set, bottom gasket set, intake valves, exhaust valves, rocker arm, camfollowers, hydraulic lifters, oil pump, timing chains, tensioners, timing chain guides, head bolts, conrod bolts, valve guides, small end bushes and welsh plugs.

Peace of mind and reliability comes standard with a Remtec premium engine.

Remtec provides the best quality and after-sales service in the industry! A bold statement but backed-up by our ‘best in industry’ warranty and our SABS accreditation.

Remtec has achieved the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, in addition to SABS accreditation for SABS 0274 - Refurbishment of Diesel Engines, SABS 0278 - Remanufacture of Petrol Engines and SABS 0166 - Overhaul of Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment.

In fact Remtec is the only company in South Africa to have achieved all four the above accreditations simultaneously.

Remtec customers can rest assured that a premium remanufactured engine is produced every time - and built to last!

Remtec also provides national after-sales support and warranty back-up, with technical representatives based in most major centres who collectively cover the entire country, whilst the national OE dealer- and RMI workshops' networks are used as our warranty infrastructure base to facilitate replacement and repair work anywhere in the country.

A Remtec premium remanufactured engine carries a 100'000 km/12 month warranty which is the same as that of a brand new engine.

The quickest way to have you back on the road

Normally, you will receive a Remtec premium engine straight from stock - and can be delivered next day to South Africa’s major centres - saving you VOR (Vehicle Off-Road) time. There are however a few units in our range that can only be accommodated on an 'own core' basis (which means that such a unit will have to come to the plant in Port Elizabeth) but they are put through the same stringent remanufacturing standards and procedures as normal production units.

The delivery of your new Remtec premium engine - as well as the collection and return of your existing engine (core) is at no additional cost to you and is for Remtec's account.

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What Is A Remanufactured Engine? What Is A Remanufactured Engine?

Remanufactured engines are engines that are reconditioned by technicians who are specifically certified by the manufacturer. A thorough rebuilding process includes replacing all wearable parts and restoring it to its original new condition.

What Is A Remanufactured Engine?

How does our program work? How does our program work?

Replacement engines can be delivered within 24 hours to workshops in major centres around South Africa. Once your new engine is installed, the old one is returned back to us and joins the remanufacturing process.

How does our program work?

Why a remanufactured engine? Why a remanufactured engine?

With Remtec engines you can rest assured that only the finest parts were used to build your engine to correct specifications by experienced artisans. And there's an after-sales infrastructure and best-in-industry warranty that you can rely on.

Why a remanufactured engine?